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Roulette Strategies

Roulette Strategies Visit any casino, find a busy roulette table and you will also a different roulette strategy employed by every player around the roulette layout. Roulette strategies abound due to the high number of different bets you can make while paying roulette. Beneath the fury of bets being placed as the ball is propelled along the wheel is most likely a method to the madness of each player. That being said, some players just wing it on a hunch. Can't say I haven't done it myself, plenty of times.

A Different Roulette Strategy for Every Player

Roulette is an easy game to understand and bet. Unlike craps, where the bet options seem to be complicated and unlimited, betting roulette can be as easy as finding your favorite lucky number and stacking your chips on it. In addition, the number of easy to make even money bets such as even or odd, red or black and high or low make this a game gambling novices are not intimidated by. It also make is easy to make up your own roulette strategy. The casino even posts the last 8-10 results in a lighted display next to the roulette wheel. This makes it even easier to locate trends you can try to exploit. For instance, I play black until it hits three times in a row, then I switch to red until it hits three times in a row. Then, I switch back to black. See, I just made one up. And, it is probably as good as any roulette strategy on any given night. The point is because roulette is easy to understand and bet; people have been developing their own methods to beat roulette since the game was invented.

The Best Roulette Strategy is the One That Wins

Many strategies or roulette systems that I have read about are so complex I don't think I would ever want to play them in a live casino environment. And there are many websites that will try to sell you their latest and greatest roulette strategies. The truth is no one beats roulette on a consistent basis. However, that does not mean you can't have fun designing your own roulette strategy and trying out against the wheel. When you are in the casino sitting around the roulette layout with a bunch of other players, the best strategy is the one winning that evening.

My Favorite Roulette Strategies

Everyone thinks they have the roulette strategy to beat all strategies. They will swear they have never lost with it (wish I could say the same). Of course everyone has heard of The Martindale System as it was designed to beat roulette prior to the advent of table limits.

I have listed a few of favorite roulette systems below and will add others as I come across them:

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