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The 50 Percent Solution

The 50 Percent Solution The easiest roulette bets to make are the even money bets. It does not take much brain power to figure out red or black, odd or even, high or low. In fact, a lot of roulette player so just that, bet on one of the even money bets after taking a look at the lighted display detailing the results of the last 10 rolls.

A Roulette Strategy for a Streaky Table

The 50% solution roulette betting strategy tries to capitalize on the inevitable streaks in gambling. To implement this strategy, make sure you approach a table with players already on it. You then watch the results until one of the even money bets hits three times in a row. For instance, if red were to come up three times in a row, then we would bet black. You keep betting black until another of the even money bets is rolled three times in a row.

Say after red comes up three times in a row, you start betting black. After a couple of rolls you notice that the last three were even numbers. At that point, you switch from betting on black to betting on the odd numbers.

A Roulette System that Switches From One Streak to Another

You keep switching every time you see that one of the even money bets has been rolled three times in a row - no matter how long it takes. Even if you have only been betting on another bet (black, red, whatever) for just one roll. The idea is to capitalize on the fact that three in a row have just been rolled one way on an even money bet and to bet against that streak continuing. And, we want to switch to betting against whatever the newest streak is.

I will usually just flat bet with this roulette strategy. That is I will bet the same amount every time. However, I believe this strategy could be combined with an up as you win or up as you lose roulette betting system.

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