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Anticipate the Wheel

Anticipate the Wheel Another roulette strategy I have fun playing is one I call anticipate the wheel. With this system, rather than following the wheel, you are going to try to get in front of the wheel or "anticipate" where the ball will land. This is another fun, easy way to play roulette and a strategy I have played many times in the casino, sober and not so much.

When you play this roulette strategy you will be playing the dozens or column bets. Personally, I prefer the dozens bets. The idea here is to cover the two thirds of the roulette layout where the ball did not land on the last spin. The thinking is that the ball will not repeat the last spin of the roulette wheel and land in the same third of the roulette layout. This roulette strategy was devised by me after quite a few gin and tonics with a couple of Heinekens thrown in for good measure. It was scientifically proven by drinking a few more.

Another Easy to Play Roulette Strategy

The beauty of this strategy is how easy it is to understand and play. If you play the dozens bets, like I do, just place a bet in the areas (1 thru 12, 13 thru 24 or 25 thru 36) where the ball did not land. What could be easier than that? If you seriously can't play this strategy because you have had too much to drink, I want to party with you.

Roulette, To Parlay or Not To Parlay?

Here is the main question with this and most other roulette strategies. How aggressive are you going to be? To be brutally honest with you, this is a judgment call you will have to make. You will have to consider the size of your bankroll, your comfort level with the playing roulette, your comfort level with the amount of your roulette bet and the wheel is running.

Many times I just flat bet with this strategy. Why would I do that? Maybe the wheel has been streaky. Repeated results in the same third of the roulette layout are a killer for this strategy. Sometime I will parlay my bet three or four times before I drop back down to my original bet. To me it all depends on how the game is running when I am sitting at the roulette table.

The roulette betting strategy I employ most with anticipate the wheel is to bet $10 on each of the two thirds the ball did not land in on the last roll. If I win, the payoff is 2 to 1. $20 bet ($10 on two thirds of the table) has now become $30. I then play $15 on two thirds of the table. No matter what, the next bet I drop back down to $10 again. If I win, my $20 initial bet has become $45! Not bad huh? I have played this strategy many times and have experienced more than my share of good runs at the roulette table.

Note: If I were to parlay that last bet again, I would keep $5 and place two $20 bets.

Roulette: Greed Will Kill You

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