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Follow the Wheel - A Roulette Betting Strategy

Follow the Wheel This is one of my favorite roulette strategies. It is easy to implement, easy to follow and, it also keeps your bets low so that you are not risking much of your bankroll. But, you can win some serious cash. In particular, I like the easy part. I have been known to throw back a drink or eight when gambling. Unlike many gamblers, I like to have a good time instead of focusing totally on the money aspect. The good time thing sometimes coming before winning in terms of importance. easy to follow roulette strategy is right up my alley.

A Simple Roulette Strategy

How simple? You will be betting either the column bets or the dozens bets. Both bets pay off at 2 to 1. The dozens bets have you betting on the numbers 1 thru 12, 13 thru 24 or 25 thru 36. Bet the column bets by placing a bet in the one of the boxes at the bottom of the layout beneath one of the three columns. Now, decide whether you are going to play dozens or columns and we are ready to begin.

Winning Roulette Parlay System

As I mentioned above, this has to be one of the easiest roulette strategies to play. You simply follow the results of the roulette wheel. If you are playing the dozens and the ball lands on number 7, then you will play the 1 thru 12 dozens bet with a $5 chip. If it wins on the next turn of the wheel, you parlay your original $5 bet and your $10 winnings and play $15 on the 1 thru 12 dozens bet again. If you win again your original $5 bet has now become $45 for a $40 profit!

If you should lose either the first bet or the parlay bet, you follow the wheel by making a dozens bet in the area where the ball landed and try to parlay that bet if you do win. No matter what, if win the second parlay bet, you drop down to $5 for your next bet and try it again. In this manner, you follow the wheel around for your entire gambling session. Follow the same procedure if you are betting the column bets.

A Low Risk High Potential Roulette Strategy

What I like most about this strategy (other than its simplicity) is the fact that I don't risk all that much and if things are going right, you can make a nice profit in a short amount of time. I recently tried this strategy out at the roulette tables at The Palazzo in Las Vegas. The result was a $180 profit over a 45 minute session in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. Not bad to say the least. Give this roulette system a try. I hope it works out for you like it has for me many times.

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