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Can I Borrow Your Wife for a Year?

Provocative Tagline, no?

Can I borrow Your Wife? It was February of 1997. The wife and I went to Lake Tahoe, NV to ski and gamble. We took around 20 of our friends with us. Lake Tahoe is a blast with a group of people that you know well and care for. There are four casinos located right next to each other in Stateline, NV which just happens to be right on the California border. A street is all that separates it from South Lake Tahoe, CA. You have Harrah's, Harvey's right across the street, Horizon down the street on the same side as Harvey's and Mont Blue (formerly Caesar's Lake Tahoe) across the street from the Horizon and next to Harrah's. By Las Vegas standards, the casinos are small. But, their size and the fact that they are situated right next to each other makes it easy to keep track of everyone and have a great time!

Lake Tahoe is beautiful. It is probably my favorite place on earth. The skiing is great! There are about 20 ski resorts surrounding the lake. My favorite is Heavenly. It is also the most convenient as it is located right about Stateline, NV/South Lake Tahoe, CA. A gondola transports you up the mountain from downtown, a short walk from the casinos.

Back to the story. The wife and I had been there for a couple of days. We skied one day, gambled that night and were skiing the next day. She decided to call it quits at noon while I stayed on the mountain. After showering, she met up with a friend of ours in Harrah's where we were staying that year. He asked her if she had ever played roulette and she told him no. She had no idea how to play. Together, they marched over to the nearest roulette wheel and in the course of the remaining afternoon, they torched that wheel for one hell of a win.

I came down off the mountain when they closed the lifts at 4:30. I made my way back to Harrah's and ran into both of them as I was walking thru the casino towards the elevators going up to our room so that I could shower and get cleaned up. The wife runs up to me with two fistfuls of chips! She had started at the minimum bet and now had $1,600! I asked them both "how the hell did you win this?" "Playing roulette" the wife replied. "You don't know how" I said. "He showed me" was her comeback as she pointed at my friend.

Upon further questioning my wife revealed that she had no idea what their method of attacking the wheel was. All she could remember was that in a couple of hours that afternoon they had hit double zero three times and single zero twice! My friend, a serious veteran gambler who has a few years on me, told me he has never had a run like that at roulette before and not since either.

That night and the next night all of friends would periodically walk up to her wherever they could find her in the casino and rub her head for luck. It was funny sitting at a blackjack table watching five people walk by and have them all rub her head. By the end of the second night, other people were rubbing her head too as she killed blackjack the next day!

Two days later as we were waiting for our flight out of Reno back to Dallas, the friend who had played roulette with her asked me if he could borrow her for a year and then bring her back once he had won enough money! We all had a good laugh at that. My friends' wife agreed to this and promised that there would be no funny business while she was in their care. That had to be one of our favorite trips out to Lake Tahoe, a place we try to get to every winter. Gambling is fun with a group of good friends, especially when someone gets on a good run.

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