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My First Time Playing Roulette

My First Time Playing Roulette is game that initially held little interest for me as a gambler. I know that it is one of the oldest of the games you find in the casino. Many times I have seen the game roulette featured in movies. It always seemed to be a classy game, what with all the men dressed up in tuxedos and the ladies in their evening gowns. But, it wasn't until my wife hit it big playing roulette at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe that I took any interest in the game at al

Playing Roulette at a Company Christmas Party

A friend of mine is a partner in an engineering firm in downtown Dallas. Every year the hold a Christmas party in a local hotel. The main draws of the party, besides friendship, are the great buffet line and the casino games that are set up to play. In keeping with local laws, etc., we only play for tickets which can be dropped into a box at the end of the night and used as the basis for a drawing for door prizes.

After eating, drinking and socializing for a while, it was announced that the gambling could begin! There was a craps table, a number of blackjack tables and a roulette wheel. We were all given equal amounts of chips. At the end of the evening what chips you had remaining could be exchanged for the tickets. The more tickets you end up with at the end of the night, the better your chances of winning one of the door prizes!

Blackjack and Craps beat the hell out of me that night. My wife and my friends were not fairing much better. Towards the end of the evening I glanced over at the roulette table and saw not one soul playing the wheel. I told one of my friends we should go over and give roulette a try. Sure couldn't do any worse than we already were.

Playing My Own Roulette Strategy

After my wife's experience in Lake Tahoe, I had started to educate myself about the game of roulette. I learned how to play the game and researched various roulette strategies. What I finally ended up doing was taking a strategy that I found in a book and I tweaked it to fit my style and what I felt made sense. This is how I came up with the Anticipate the Wheel Roulette Strategy.

By the time we got to the roulette table the night was almost over and we only had about 15 minutes until we had to change our chips into tickets. I had very few chips left. My friend left to get us a round of drinks and I started playing against the roulette wheel.

The basics of the Anticipate the Wheel Strategy is to play the numbers in thirds. You play the two thirds where the ball did not land the last turn of the wheel. Due to the fact that we had very little time left, I decided to be very aggressive and parlay my winnings after every spin. I won six or seven spins in a row before my friend returned with the drinks. He could not believe it. Whereas when I had arrived at the table, I only had a few chips that I could hold easily in one hand, I now had a huge stack of chips that I could barley hold in two! "How in the hell do you do that?" he asked me. With a grin told him "when the going get's tough, the tough double down".

From that point, I backed off of my aggressive betting, scaling things back a bit. It went quite a bit back and forth from that moment on. However, I still won a few more chips in the time we had left. When the deadline came to change our chips into tickets, I went back to the blackjack tables to show my wife my winnings. "Whoa!" She said. "You had nothing when you left me. Where did you go?" I explained to her my romp at the roulette table. She gave me a hard time about not taking her with me over to the roulette table as we changed out chips into tickets. And no, I did not win any of the door prizes. I guess I used up all my luck playing roulette.

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